Train display at Reiman Gardens, Ames, IA, USA. September 27, 2015

Oh God, not this website again!


This is the several-th incarnation of I'd tell you that this time is different from all the other times, but I'd be lying. A weekend-project released into the wild; welcome to the Internet.

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I’m not very good with timelines, or even remembering what I did in the past for that matter. These are the progressions I think this site went through; take the list with a grain of salt. The site has never had much content, but apparently I do like keeping up with the times. Read More ›

Adblock software is the best, but it (slightly) breaks this website. There are no intentionally placed ads here, just a few social media icons and such that get blocked. Read More › Security
For reasons of tinfoil hattery, and just for fun, I wanted to see how far I could take "security" features on a functioning website. Read More ›

Let's do lunch. Read More ›

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