Puerto Plata Beach and Reef. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. October 17, 2003.

Site Photos

If I can remember where the photos used on this site came from, I'll write it down here.


With the exception of the front page, which had to be milk-related for obvious reasons, the header images used throughout the site are based on photos I took myself. A short description of each photo as well as the location and time follows.

[Front page][9]
Based on a free (CC0) stock photo.
No further information available. [View the original here][12]
[Projects and Code][13]
Logitech K810 keyboard close-up.
Hilversum, the Netherlands. January 22, 2015
Personal » Summary — 2001 Mallet Hammer Corvette Z06
This is one of the “sinkhole” cars. [Watch the video][10].
National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, KY, USA. March 22, 2016.
[Personal » Resume][15] — Perth Skyline
Most likely taken from Kings Park and Botanical Gardens.
Perth, WA, Australia. January 27, 2004.
About — Train display at Reiman Gardens
An annual display in Ames. [Watch video][11].
Ames, IA, USA. September 27, 2015.
About » History — Pennsylvania State Memorial
Commemorating the 34,530 PA soldiers who fought in the battle of Gettysburg.
Gettysburg NMP, PA, USA. September 7, 2012.
[About » Security][14] — National Firearms Museum
Inside the National Rifle Association’s headquarters in Fairfax.
Fairfax, VA, USA. October 2, 2012.
About » Adblock — Double D Market
Mural on the side of the market building.
Dolan Springs, AZ, USA. April 1, 2016.
About » Site photos — Puerto Plata Beach and Reef
Taken during a helicopter tour of the area.
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. October 17, 2003.
About » Copyright — Boat near Puerto Plata
Taken during a helicopter tour of the area.
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. October 17, 2003.
Blog — Lake Bohinj
The largest permanent lake in Slovenia, in Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps.
Ribčev Laz, Slovenia. July 18, 2016.
Blog » Archive — State Library of Victoria
Founded in 1854 and containing more than two million books.
Melbourne, Australia. December 16, 2003.

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