State Library of Victoria. Melbourne, Australia. December 16, 2003.


EDNS, pf, and IPv4+6 Packet fragmentation
Alternatively: what the fuck is this "No response was received until the UDP payload size was decreased" thing all about?! Read More ›

CSP Nonces in Nginx
The easy way. Not at all lazy and kind of broken. Read More ›

Real men log in as root
Oops, that account should not be enabled Read More ›

Authority, but not for Certificates
Governments should not be running our online security. We should be. Read More ›

Let's Encrypt with, bind, and zone-signing
A quick overview of how to get Let's Encrypt validation working using just and bind. No terrible certbot or manual interventions needed. Read More ›

Dashing Video
How hard is it ... really? For a Sunday project I figured I'd finally look into what pays my bills: streaming video. As it turns out fancy things are possible with little effort. Read More ›

Dear Connecticut
The state of Connecticut might be taking transparency to a whole new level. Read More ›

Grr, Facebook!
It's a sad state of affairs when Facebook, the quintessential anti-privacy company, has a privacy feature that's totally needed but still lacking virtually everywhere else. Read More ›

Analytics and Privacy: Piwik
The EU has all but given up on its cookie-war. Google, Facebook, and others are rejoicing in the renewed explosion of use of third party cookies, but what about Piwik, the free alternative that cookiewalls helped propel? Read More ›

Mi WiFi es mi WiFi
How to set up a secure (WiFi) guest network using an outdated Airport Express, a cheap EdgeRouter, a top-secret VPN, and a delicious watermelon. Read More ›

Proposed Amendments to the revised "Wiretap" law
These amendments were proposed in relation to the modernized law on intelligence and security services. Read More ›