Most likely taken from Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. Perth, WA, Australia. January 27, 2004.


Doing Serious Business things with Serious Business people ...

Okay, this isn’t really a resume so much as it is a bunch of bullet points.

Here’s the bullet points I’m good at:

  • Unix, including the Linuxen and Macintosh..
  • Python, ZSH (I’m not admitting I know bash), Perl, C.
  • Nginx and Apache. I like nginx more, but Apache 2.4 is okay I guess.
  • Heartbeat, Pound, HAProxy, Varnish. Bits go in, bits go out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Ansible. Because I’m lazy.
  • KVM, Proxmox VE.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Galera.
  • CouchDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, memcached.
  • ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ.
  • Django, Flask, uWSGI, Celery, Flower.
  • Duplicity, bacula.

Here’s what I’m tinkering with when I can:

  • AWS stuff. Because Lambda is cool and Alexa is my bff.
  • Terraform. Love the idea, unsure of the execution.
  • Kubernetes. WTB more money to run all the nodes.
  • Golang. It’s fun because it’s a less-frustrating C.
  • Anything crypto related.
  • All the stuff on this website.
  • Writing, teaching.

And here’s what I’ve worked with in the before-times:

  • PHP. Just read this.
  • Nagios. I dislike it, but I still secretly write plugins sometimes.
  • C++. It’s like C, but with a syntax that makes no sense.
  • Just about anything Sun Microsystems ever made. RIP.

I have a job now, and I’ve had jobs in the past. I’m just not going to list them here. You’ll have to trust me on that front (or send me a private message on something that’s not LinkedIn).